Works department Sections & Implementation of programs

  1. Status of implementation of projects for FY 2017/2018
  2. Roads
  3. Buildings
  4. Water
  5. Mechanical




1.1 Roads Section

  1. The District received one new Grader Reg.UG 1701W, one wheel Loader Reg.UG1888W, One Vibro roller Reg.UG2163W, One WaterBowser Reg.UG 2187W, two new Fuso Dump Trucks Reg. No UG 2218 W and Reg.UG 2553 W from the Ministry of Works.


  1. The department received Uganda Road fundfor District, Sub Counties and four Town Councils to a tune of 1,260,647,917 /= and Ugx195,000,000/= under DDDEG allocated to roads.


  1. In summarylength of roads of 1Km of District road at Ugx 624,956,780/=and 109.7Km of Sub County roads at Ugx 262,916,715/=and 37.2Km for Town council roads.Totalling to 325Km entire District of Kyenjojo.



1.1.2 District Roads Projects under Force Account:

  1. Periodic maintenance Nyarukoma-Kyakatwire (12.4Km) located in Nyantungo and Kigaraale Sub Counties, under Uganda Road Fund. Completed at UGX 39,800,000/=
  2. Spot Improvement of Kyenjojo-Rwaitengya (13Km) road located in Kisojo &Nyantungo sub-counties under URF. Completed at UGX 25,622,200/=
  3. Emergency Works on Butiiti-Ruhoko-Nyantungo (2.5Km) under URF. Done at UGX 8,489,600/= Completed
  4. Periodic Maintenance of Bwenzi-Kaisamba-Mukunyu 8.6Km under DDDEG completed at UGX 28,406,000/=. Completed
  5. Periodic Maintenance of Kaihura-Isandara 4.4Km under URF completed at UGX 13,607,940/= Completed
  6. Periodic Maintenance of Kagorogoro-Mabale-Kijura 9.2Km so far grading 9.2 Km is done under URF at UGX. 25,000,000/=. Drainage works is in progress Remaining spot gravelling. Phase II 4.1Km to complete the whole road.
  7. Periodic maintenance of Nyakisi-Rubango-Haikona (10.4Km) at UGX 35,000,000=, URF. Completed
  8. Periodic Maintenance of Nyankimba-Busaiga 4.3Km at Ugx 11,760,000=Completed.
  9. Periodic maintenance of Ncumbi-Kabale (6Km) at UGX 21,000,000= under DDDEG, Completed.
  10. Periodic maintenance of Igoma-Myokya (6 Km) at UGX 21,320,000= under DDDEG
  11. Construction of Ruyenje Swamp in Nyabuharwa Sub County at UGX 44,386,000. DDDEG. A few finishes for headwalls yet to be done.
  12. Mukeeya-Kakira-Mukateete 13.4Km at Ugx 49,560,000= Under URF near Completion.


Projects  still On going

  1. Kijwiga-Ikoba-Kadiki-Buramba at Ugx 26,352,000=
  2. Butunduzi-Kanyinya 9km at Ugx 30,230,000=
  • Kibale-Kasaba-Kyamutunzi 25Km at Ugx 75,250,000=
  1. Busaiga-Kamuhoro-Igulika 6.4Km at Ugx 26,000,000=
  2. Kibira-Katunguru-Biheehe 7.5Km at Ugx 27,173,000=
  3. Butiiti-Ruhoko-Nyantungo 6Km at 24,699,000Km



We have had the following challenges right from start of the financial year:

  1. Delays start implementation and delays caused by heavy rains of October, November, December 2017 and the current from January to May 2018.
  2. Other internal delays included; delay in procurement and stocking consumables such as Grader blades and Bucket
  3. Delay of Road Gangs to access payment due to lack of TIN. Lack of sound motorcycles for Road Overseers to assess the road gang works in time. Lack of road gangs on some road sections despite the recruitment.
  4. Pressure on the demand of the only one new grader and wheel loader from the District Council, town councils and Sub Counties to implement their workplans. One grader cannot complete 148.1Km of the road projects forecasting what we are going through.



  1. Lack of supervision vehicle for transport to reliably use it during road maintenance activities. We are currently borrowing the water Vehicle and Education Vehicle but all sectors have projects to implement. Sometimes we fail to get the vehicle.
  2. Lack of motorcycles for road overseers and Asst. Engineering Officers staff. To supervise the road gangs, to carry out road assessment and routine supervision of roads maintenance in general.


  1. There is need for a new vehicle to supervise the roads and support the road unit’s operations and new motorcycles for road overseers, and Asst. Engineering Officers staff.
  2. Execution of projects should start early to avoid delays in completion.











S/N Road Project Source of funding Length (Km) Cost (Ugx) Scope of Work Remarks
1 Kyenjojo Rwaitengya URF 13 25,622,200 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading & Shaping  
          ·        Drainage works  
          ·        Culvert Installation  
          ·        Gravelling works  
          ·        Fill works on the swamp  
2 Kaihura Isandara URF 4.4 13,607,940 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading & Shaping  
          ·        Drainage works  
          ·        Gravelling works (4.4km)  
3 Nyarukoma Kyakatwire URF 12.4 39,800,000 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction  
          ·        Drainage works  
          ·        Culvert Installation  
          ·        Gravelling works (4.5km)  
4 Kagorogoro Mabale Kijura URF 9.2 25,000,000 ·        Bush clearing Left with gravelling works
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction  
          ·        Drainage works  
          ·        Culvert Installation  
          ·        Gravelling works (3.0km)  
5 Nyakisi Rubango Haikona URF 10.5 34,993,800 ·        Bush clearing  
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Work
          ·        compaction Completed
          ·        Drainage works  
          ·        Culvert Installation  
          ·        Fill works on swamp  
          ·        Gravelling works 3Km  
6 Nyankimba Busaiga  – URF URF 4.3 11,760,000 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction  
          ·        Drainage works  
7 Mukunyu Kaisamba Bwenzi – DDDEG DDDEG 8.8 28,405,840 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction  
          ·        Drainage works  
          ·        Culvert Installation  
          ·        Gravelling works (2.7km)  
8 Kabale Ncumbi DDDEG 5.2 21,000,000 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction Completed
          ·        Drainage works Completed
          ·        Culvert Installation Completed
          ·        Gravelling works (3.0km) Not yet
9 Ruyenje Swamp DDDEG 0.1 44,386,000 Swamp filling, Culverts installation Completed
          Masonry walls and Gravelling Afew finishes


S/N Road Project Source of funding Length (Km) Cost (Ugx) Scope of Work Remarks
10 Igoma Mwokya DDDEG 6 21,320,000 ·        Bush clearing Completed
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction Completed
          ·        Drainage works, Culverts Completed
          ·        Gravelling works (1.9km) Not yet
11 Mukeeya Kakira Mukatete URF 13.4 49,560,000 ·        Bush clearing Done
          ·        Grading, Shaping & Compaction 3km done
          ·        Drainage works, Culverts Not yet
          ·        Gravelling works (3.0km) Not yet
  TOTAL 1   87.3 315,455,780    
12 Kibale Kasaba Kyamutunzi URF 25 75,250,000 Funds available, To commence soon
13 Butunduzi Kanyinya URF 8 30,230,000 Funds available, To commence soon
14 Kibira Katunguru Bihehe URF 7.5 27,173,000 Funds available, To commence soon
15 Butiiti Rukoko Nyantungo URF 25.8 77,400,000 Funds available, To commence soon
16 Kawaruju Nyakatoma DDDEG 6.4 22,536,000 Funds available, Has not commenced
17 Kamuhoro Igulika DDDEG 6 26,000,000 Funds available, To commence soon
18 Kagorogoro Mabale Kijura URF 4.1 24,560,000 Funds available, To commence soon
19 Ikoba Kadiki Buramba DDDEG 8 26,352,000 Funds available, To commence soon
  SUB TOTAL 2   90.8 309,501,000    
  GRAND TOTAL   178.1 624,956,780    


1 Oruhanga-Kyarukumbya 3.0           5,100,000 Community-DDEG KIGARAALE
2 Nyajetagera-Mitoma &Kasenyi-Tibamwenda 5.0           7,000,000 Community-DDEG BUGAAKI
3 Bunoga-Kataka 2.7           5,716,600 Community-URF KIGARAALE
4 Ikamiro-Rwakahira 2.5           5,000,000 Community-DDEG KIGARAALE
5 Kikoda-Rugando-Kirongo 6.0        15,000,000 Community-DDEG KISOJO
6 Bibuye-Kizikibi 3.0           6,000,000 Community-URF KISOJO
7 Kibira-Nyabuhoiho 2.5           5,808,300 Community-URF NYANTUNGO
8 Rwemyongo-Kimukubo 2.5 8,000,000 Community-DDEG NYANTUNGO
9 Kanyinya-Kibishamwika 4.0        10,000,000 Community-DDEG BUTUNDUZI
10 Kyepatiko-Mujunju 3.0           5,900,000 Community-DDEG KIHUURA
11 Kiregesa-Kisiita-Kitabona 3.0        10,000,000 Community-DDEG KIHUURA
12 Ncumbi-Nyabyenga & Valley fill 2.0           8,000,000 Community-DDEG KYEMBOGO
13 Kasaba-Nyabusozi-Nyaburara 2.5           5,000,000 Community-URF KYEMBOGO
14 Kijwiga-Kanyamaizi 5.0        13,000,000 Community-DDEG KATOOKE
15 Ibandiro-Benga 2.5           5,120,000 Community-URF BUTUNDUZI SC
16 Kisazanguhyo-Kahiihi-Buramba 6.5           9,000,000 Community-DDEG KIHUURA
17 Kyamulimi-Kikoda 4.5           8,100,000 Community-DDEG KISOJO
18 Mirongo-Kigando 3.3 8,097,400 Community-DDDEG NYABUHARWA
19 Kaswa-Nyabirongo 3.4 8,500,000 Community-DDDEG NYABUHARWA
20 Mihikiro-Kirebeki 3.3 5,001,600 Community-URF NYABUHARWA
21 Kidudu-Rwamujoje-Zaborogota 4.0        13,000,000 Community-DDDEG NYANTUNGO
22 Katobire Valley on Katoma-Rutale 0.7        10,932,260 Community-DDDEG BUTIITI
23 Kyakatwire-Kanyegaramire-Bwera 4.0           6,513,236 Community-DDDEG KIGARAALE SC
  SUB TOTAL 1 78.9 183,789,398    
24 Kyongera-Kalyababi-Ngoma 2.0           5,753,195 Community-DDDEG KYARUSOZI SC
25 Kanyegaramire-Nyaburungi Byerwa 4.0 11,569,780 Community-DDDEG KANYEGARAMIRE SC
26 Nyamicu-Munywambogo-Kanyegaramire/Swamp 1.0 6,019,500 Community-DDDEG KANYEGARAMIRE SC
27 Kisengya-Kibongoya-Kyamugarra 1.5 4,871,300 Community-URF KANYEGARAMIRE SC
28 Kizirahete-Kaitanyana-Nyabidongo 4.2 11,894,220 Community-DDDEG NYANKWANZI SC
29 Mubembe-Kaligenda-Katuugu 2.0 4,996,760 Community-URF NYANKWANZI SC
30 Nyabirongo-Kahihi-Bulenge & Kigarama-Birongo 2.2 4,840,000 Community-URF NYABIRONGO SC
31 Kisangi-Rwera           2.5           5,240,000 Community-DDDEG BUGAAKI SC
32 Kyehara-Nyakatoma           2.1           5,180,000 Community-URF BUGAAKI SC
33 Rwakazooba-Kasamba including swamp           1.0           7,085,618 Community-DDDEG BUGAAKI SC
34 Kahombo-Kategere-Kataraza 3.8           5,900,000 Community-URF BUFUNJO
35 Nyabikere-Nyakati 4.5 5,776,945 Community-URF Katooke SC
  SUB TOTAL 2 30.8 79,127,318    
  TOTAL  SUB COUNTY ROADS      109.7      262,916,715    







Sn Project name Start date Completion date Contract Sum /Source Contractor Remarks to date
1. Construction of a staff house, kitchen and a 2-stance VIP latrine with a Urinal and a bathroom at Bwera PS 6/12/2017 28/02/2018  125,222,875/- (SFG) Kagu construction Company Limited Completed now under defect liability period
2. Construction of two classroom block with Office and store at Kitega P/School. 8/12/2017 2/03/2018  68,071,804/= (SFG) Range Wide Engineering and Construction ltd Completed now under defect liability period
3. Construction of two classroom block with Office and store at Kicuucu P/School. 8/12/2017 2/03/2018 64,614,797/-


Daystar Engineering Company Ltd Completed now under defect liability period
4. Construction of two classroom block with Office and store at Nyabusozi P/School 3/01/2018 28/03/2018 68,640,252/=


Bropesham professional Engineering Contractors (u) Ltd Completed now under defect liability period
5. Construction of five-stance VIP Latrine with a Urinal at Kisojo and Nsinde P/Schools 10/01/2018 21/ 02/2018 27,282,780/-


Rugambwa Contractors Ltd Completed now under defect liability period
6. Refurbishment of SAGE Offices in Kyenjojo 15/12/2017          23/02/2018 109,448,350


Jamos Construction Services Ltd At roofing level
7. ART Clinic 25/1/2018   1bn (Baylor) CK Associates Ltd Phase I Completed



The water and sanitation sector is funded mainly by Rural water Conditional Development Grant and UNICEF-Government of Uganda Country Program. The district access to safe water is at 75% compared to the national coverage of 67%. Technologies used in Kyenjojo District are mainly boreholes, shallow wells and piped water supply systems. The functionality of water facilities is 77%, the most non-functional facilities are boreholes.

Under the Water & Sanitation Section, the following has been worked on since the start of financial year 2017-18 to date

  • Held bi-annual District sanitation hygiene coordination and review meeting at TSU6 center in Fort portal.
  • Sensitized communities to fulfill critical requirements on locations where new water sources were to be put.
  • Established water user committees for new water sources.
  • Carried out assessment and followup on repairs of broken down boreholes and shallow wells
  • Rehabilitation of 20 boreholes and 8 shallow wells is ongoing in selected subcounties
  • Carried Regular data collection and analysis in all the subcounties to update on the national data base.
  • Carried out water quality testing for 1st quarter
  • Carried out verification on identified communities where new water sources are to be put.
  • Constructed a 3 –stance V.I.P Latrine at Kanyegaramire Trading centre in Kanyegaramire subcounty.
  • Held District water supply and coordination meeting at the district Council chambers in Kyenjojo
  • Carried out sitting and surveying of 4 boreholes.
  • Construction of water supply system at Kanyegaramire is on going


  • Drilling and installation of 6 borehole and One production borehole
  • Holding bi-annual District sanitation hygiene coordination
  • Carrying out District water supply and coordination meeting
  • Hold District water supply and coordination meeting.
  • Carried out extension staff meeting
  • Carried out regular data collection and analysis for 3rd and 4th quarter
  • Carried of water quality testing for 3rd and 4th quarter
  • Carried out commissioning of new water facilities
  • Sanitation week promotion activities and world water day celebrations
  • ODF verification in 25 villages where sanitation promotion activities carried out




Table 4:  Motor vehicles and Road maintenance Equipment

1. Komatsu 2017 UG1701W Works Good running condition
2. Komatsu 2017 UG1888W Works Good running condition
3. Sakai 2017 UG2163w Works Good running condition
4. Mitsubishi 2017 UG2218W Works Good running condition
5. Fuso Dump Truck 2017 UG2553W Works Good running condition
6. Fuso Dump Truck 2017 UG2187W Works Good running condition
7. Mitsubishi 2015 UG3139 Council Good running condition
8. Ford Ranger 2009 UG2687R Planning Unit Fair running condition
9. Ford Ranger 2009 UG2686R CAO’s Office Fair running condition
10. Toyota Hilux 2008 UAA 843N Natural Resources Good running condition
11. Toyota Hilux 2005 LG0037-50 Education To be taken to Nyamango PTI
12. Isuzu Demax 2017 LG0024-064 Education Good running condition
13. Toyota Hilux 2008 UAJ 049X Production Fair running condition
14. Nissan Hard body 2005 UG2969M Kyenjojo Hospital Fair running condition
15. Toyota Landcruiser 2002 LG0011-50 Kyenjojo Hospital Fair running condition
16. Toyota Land cruiser 2012 UAA658L Health (Baylor) Good running condition
17. Mitsubishi Rodeo 2006 LG0040-50 Mechanical Poor condition, lacks major repairs
18. Nissan Hard body 2004 LG0029-50 Administration Poor condition
19. Toyota Hilux 2013 UG4203M Health/DHO Good running condition
20. Nissan Hard body 2005 UG1929M Kyarusozi HSD Fair running condition
21. JMC pickup 2012 LG0003-064 Works Parked and requires major repairs
22. Suzuki Samurai 1999 LG0019-50 DCAO’s office Fair running condition
23. FAW Tipper truck 2012 LG0002-064 Works Parked and requires major repairs
24. Mercedes Benz 1987 LG0079-50 Works Parked with major mechanical faults
25. Motor grader-Changlin 2012 LG0001-064 Works Parked with major faults
26. Motor grader (Fiat Hitachi) 2006 LG0020-50 Works Parked with major electrical hydraulic and mechanical faults
27. Ford Ranger 2015 LG0019-064 Water Good running condition













  • Total Budget                                          UGX 2,372,566,062 /=

There has been budget increment by over 50% Compared to the budget for FY 2017/18 in roads sector. This increment was to cater for increased fuel prices, increased wages for road gangs and Operation and Maintenance costs for road equipment.


  • Breakdown of Source of funds:


1.2.1 Wage                                                      UGX      81,465,000/=

1.2.2 URF                                                       UGX 2,169,722,570/=

1.2.3 DDDEG                                     UGX   105,115,492/=

1.2.4 Unconditional                                        UGX    16,263,000/=


1.3 UGANDA ROAD FUND (URF)          UGX 2,169,722,570/=


1.3.1 District                                                   UGX   915,218,166/=

1.3.2 Town Councils                           UGX 1,001,792,750/=

1.3.3 Sub Counties                                          UGX    252,711,654/=



  1. The district shall carry out routine road maintained of 394.4 Km with funding from Uganda Road Fund at a costs of UGX. 171,900,000/=


  1. The district will carry out Periodic road maintenance of the following roads (Ugx):


  1. Nyamabuga-Munobwa Road (11Km) located in Bugaaki Sub county; at a cost of    44,150,624 = under URF
  2. Butara-Kyehara-Barahija Road (9.2Km) located in Bugaaki and Kyarusozi Sub counties; at a cost of    36,900,000 = under URF
  3. Matiti-Kawaruju-Kyamulimi 16 Km located in Kihuura and Kisojo Sub County at a Cost of Ugx  64,000,000/= URF
  4. Bufunjo-Bigando (11.9Km) located in Bufunjo Sub county, at a cost of   47,600,000 = under URF
  5. Mabira-Kisansa (7.8Km) located in Nyankwanzi Sub county, at a cost of   31,200,000 = under URF
  6. Kaiganga-Kisangi-Nyakisi (9Km) located in Katooke and Nyakisi Sub counties; at a cost of    36,000,000 = under URF
  7. Kaihura-Kyongera-Vaa (12Km) located in Kyarusozi sub county; at a cost of   48,000,000 = under URF
  8. Nyarukoma-Kyakatwire Road (12Km) ) located in Kigaraale Sub county; at accost of   48,000,000 = under URF
  9. Mukole –Kisangi-Kaiso 20.1Km located in Katooke, Bufunjo and Kihuura at a Cost of 80,400,000= URF.
  10. Kiburara-Orubanza 3.2Km located in Bugaaki Sub County at a Cost of 12,800,000/= URF.
  11. Kibira-Katunguru-Biheehe-Mbale 7.5Km section located in Nyabuharwa Sub County at a Cost of  30,000,000= URF
  12. Kifumbura-Mirambi-Kankorogo 10.2Km located in Nyantungo, Kigaraale and Kisojo Sub Counties at a Cost of  40,800,000=
  13. Kyamutaasa-Kipeepa-Kanyandahi 8Km located in Nyantungo Sub County at a Cost of  32,000,000= URF
  14. Kyenjojo-Rwaitengya 5Km located in Nyantungo Sub County at Cost 25,100,000/=
  15. Emergency works on selected road sections, at a cost of   11,900,000 = under URF
  1. Mechanical Imprest of 137,282,725/= from URF for maintenance, repair, service, purchase of consumables of road equipment to ensure work progress with minimal delays and Protective wear for field staff.
  2. Conduct District Roads Committee meetings at 8,105,000/= from URF
  3. Monitoring of road maintenance at UGX. 3,697,120 /= from URF
  4. Supervision, coordination, planning, reporting and correspondences of road maintenance activities at UGX. 12,022,000 /= from URF
  5. Career professional development and trainings at UGX. 4,840,000 /=
  6. Radio programs for road safety campaigns and public accountability at 2,271,965 /= from URF
  7. Service, Accessories and repair of computer and printers at 3,800,000 /= under URF
  8. Procure office stationery and printer cartridge at UGX. 3,850,000 /= from URF
  9. Internet subscription at UGX. 1,890,277 /= from URF
  10. Bank charges for works department at UGX. 709,000/= from URF.





  1. Renovation of Water Office Block at UFX 60,110,000/= from DDDEG
  2. Renovation of Education Block at UGX 45,000,492/= from DDDEG
  3. Buildings maintenance, Cleaning and Electricity at 16,263,000/= Unconditional.



Planned Activities for 2018-19 Financial Year

  • Carry out District water supply and sanitation coordination meetings.
  • Carry out construction supervision visits where new water sources are being constructed.
  • Carry out inspection of water points after construction (defects correction for projects constructed in 2017/18 financial years.
  • Carry out regular data collection and analysis for updating database.
  • Hold world water day celebrations at district level.
  • Sensitize communities on critical requirements where new water sources are to be constructed.
  • Establish water user committees for new water sources.
  • Train water user committees for new water sources.
  • Carry out commissioning of projects constructed in 2018/19 FY.
  • Construct 3-stance V.I.P Latrine in rural growth Centre at UGX 15,367,800/=
  • Carry out drilling and installation of 7 boreholes with hand pumps at UGX 162,556,107/=
  • Carry out design of piped water supply from production borehole at Kyembogo Trading Centre. at UGX 69,000,000/=
  • Constructed piped water supply from production well at Kanyegaramire phase II to supply surrounding communities.UGX 173,987,840/=
  • Carry out assessment of faulty water sources for rehabilitation.
  • Carry out rehabilitation of 20 at UGX 50,000,000/=
  • Creating rapport with village leaders (LCs & VHTs) to set date for Implementation
  • Triggering of identified villages/Communities/Manyatas.
  • Follow up visits on triggered villages/Communities/Manyatas
  • ODF verification by subcounty team (villages/Communities/manyatas)..
  • Hold 2 semi-annual DSHCG planning and review meetings at TSU office with the Centre.
  • Certifying ODF communities by district
  • Sanitation Week promotion activities