Planning Unit


District Planner Mr. Richard Businge


To provide technical guidance to the District Council and lower Local Governments in the areas of Planning, Budgeting, population and ICT services.

Job Purpose

To develop comprehensive and integrated District Plans, monitor and evaluate their implementation.

Key Outputs

  1. District development strategies, plans and budgets formulated, developed and coordinated;
  2. Performance standards and indicators for the district prepared and disseminated to users;
  3. Technical support provided to Departments in preparation and production of District Development Plans;
  4. Investment priorities in the District determined;
  5. Performance of District Development Plans programmes and projects coordinated, monitored and evaluated.
  6. District Management Information System maintained;
  7. An up-to-date bank developed and maintained;
  8. National and district policy appraised;
  9. Minutes of Technical Planning Committee produced.


Key Functions

  1. Formulating, developing and coordinating District development strategies, plans and budgets;
  2. Preparing and disseminating performance standards and indicators for the district to users;
  3. Providing Technical support to Departments in preparation and production of District Development Plans
  4. Determining District investment priorities
  5. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating performance of District Development Plans Programmes and projects
  6. Maintaining District Management Information System
  7. Development and maintained an up-to-dated bank
  8. Appraising National and district policy.
  9. Producing minutes of Technical Planning Committee.


  • The District Planner is highly useful in area of planning and budgeting and hence he can be consulted and offer support for the development of estimates and work plans for any private and public sector respectively.
  • He has earlier worked with National Planning Authority (NPA) as a consultant for Certificate of Compliancy (COC) and therefore he can render similar services to anyone at an affordable price.
  • The district is promoting Local Economic Development (LED) and hence it can partner with private implementing partners in different fields of development on arrangement of Private Public partnership (PPP)


Upcoming events

  • Hosting National Assessment Team of Consultants scheduled for 17th -18th September, 2018
  • Participation in the regional budget consultative workshop for Rwenzori region to discuss the budget strategy for the FY 2019-2020 scheduled for 19th -21st September, 2018.
  • Preparation of PBS Quarter one budget performance Reports for the Financial Year 2018-19 scheduled for October 2018
  • Conducting the District Budget conference at the District Headquarters, dates yet to be determined
  • Participate in the District council at the District headquarters , dates yet to be determined