1. Received 100% of the PHC NWR (395M) and PHC Wage for FY 2017/2018(3.224BN)
  2. Construction of Kyenjojo General Hospital HIV/AIDS clinic, Dental Unit, and Administration block offices; co- funded, Baylor Uganda 1 biliion, Kyenjojo DLG 428M.
  3. Construction of the General ward(PHASE 1) at Nyankwanzi HC III at a cost of 51M under DDEG.
  4. Recruited 10 health workers 01 Nutritionist, 01 medical social worker, 01 pharmacist, 01 medical officer, 03 enrolled nurses, 03 enrolled midwives to improve staffing level
  5. Received and installed a 40feet long container from the National medical stores, this will address the challenges of the inadequate storage of Essential medicines and health supplies
  6. Baylor Uganda won award from CDC for the next 05years in the area of HIV/AIDS care/management and has supported the renewal of  78health workers in Kyenjojo district.
  7. Made and submitted EMHS/LAB/ARV drugs orders for all the expected 06 cycles and received EMHS/Lab/ARV supplies for all the 06 cycles from NMS in FY 2017/2018
  8. Achieved timely submission of complete HMIS reports was been achieved for FY 2017/ 2018
  9. TWO health centre IIs; Kyankaramata and Myeri, have received capital development allocation of 500M each for upgrading to health centre IIIs in FY 2018/2019.
  10. Conducted Child health days for both October 2017 and April 2018, Ordered, received and ensured sustained availability EPI supplies of gas and Vaccines
  11. Received Baylor Sub grant to a tune of 205, 875,000, most of which was utilized across the whole district and accountabilities made.
  12. RBF; In additional to the six PNFPs; Seven public health facilities(Kyenjojo Hospital, Kyarusozi HC IV, Kisojo HC III, Kigaraale HC III, Butiiti HC III, Katooke HC III and Nyamabuga qualified for RBF each HC III received 20M start up, a HC IV 40M and Hospital 80M. this has improved service delivery through ensuring stock availability, procurement of equipment, staff motivation and having capital projects.
  13. Conducted joint Routine Technical support supervision, and mentorships with Baylor Uganda in areas of HIV/AIDS, maternal and child Health.
  14. Joint Mentorships on Baby friendly health facility initiatives, and carried out activities in areas of Nutrition, maternal and child Health and Community sanitation with support from Unicef.
  15. Conducted Routine activities for Health office such as HR monitoring and appraisal, Vote controller functions, Regular HMIS reporting, PHC payroll analysis, were conducted
  16. Enabel supported Health Department vehicle Tyres replacement, vehicle body spraying and mechanical repairs at a cost of 27M(Inclusive of VAT).
  17. Fitted Health building roof with gutters at cost of 4M with tiding up funds from Baylor Uganda.
  18. Connected and installed 3-Phase power at Kyarusozi HC IV MCH unit and theatre at cost of 45M(Baylor 32M, MRU Ltd 8M, Kyarusozi TC 5M). This will ensure the NICU equipment procured by Baylor get utilized and theatre equipment that need 3-phase power run smoothly.