• Three classroom blocks with offices were constructed at Kicucu,Kitega and Nyabusozi Primary schools
• Five stance VIP latrines were constructed at Kisojo, Nsinde and St Augustine Butiiti Demo
• Three seater desks were supplied to Kicucu,Kitega and Nyabusozi Primary Schools
• 128 schools were inspected and curriculum supervised at least once in each school each term.
• Improved community involvement in school programs (at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level)
• 19 administrative visits were held to coordinate educational programs at the Ministry of Education and Sports and with stakeholders.
• School gardens were established and maintained in 100 schools under UMSNSP
• Children’s rights clubs were established in Bugaaki, Butiiti ,Kyarusozi, Katooke, Bufunjo, Nyabuharwa and Nyankwanzi sub counties
• Patriotism clubs were established in 10 Secondary schools
• With off budget support from SHARP we received readers for P.1-4 in Runyoro-Rutooro to 128 schools
• With funding from SHARP the department trained 128 head teachers and 1889 teachers on how to teach literacy lessons in P1-4
• Increased pupils/student access under the UPE/USE programs
• Improved PLE results (summary for 5 years) see table1

1 Performance in National Examinations
Table 1 showing a summary of PLE results for 5 years.
2013 244 2739 885 446 260 136 4710 92
2014 344 3,207 792 406 180 113 5,042 94.2
2015 321 3,145 1044 178 402 136 5,227 94.0
2016 534 3,718 842 455 138 130 5,826 95.4
2017 547 4,474 422 188 29 78 5,738 98.1

2.2 Sports
Sports has been used as a tool of mobilization as well an activity to engage youth during their free time who would otherwise be idlers and consequently engage in immoral and illegal acts in schools and society.
• Participation of youngsters in primary school sports has been phased to enable children to participate within their age brackets. For Example children under the age of nine participate and compete alone, under twelve, under fourteen, and under sixteen. As a results our under 12 team in Athletics cross country has been outshining all the other opponents whenever we go to the national championships since 2016. With the above initiative children are very happy and always looking forward to playing because unlike the past, now they compete with fellow age mates
• Several Community sports activities and tournaments have also been held with support from the political heads in the district who sometimes sponsor these events with equipment such as balls, trophies, uniforms, and other logistics.
• As a District we have been represented at regional football leagues by Nyamabuga Fc, Kyarusozi Fc, and Butiiti Friends FC.

Special needs
• 6 children with special needs were supported with assistive devices
• 6 teachers attended one week training in Wakiso to support children with special needs
• 30 teachers have been trained in Pediatric HIV to support positive living pupils in primary school
• 13 children with special needs have been referred for medical attention these were mainly epileptic children and sight related cases.

Major challenges facing the education sector
• Congestion due to inadequate classroom, VIP Latrines and supply of furniture.
• High Pupil teacher ratio in schools 1: 70 and above and about 537 teachers are needed to make the teacher pupil ratio ideal.
• Lack of teachers’ houses only 24 schools can accommodate 96 teachers in the 128 schools in the district.
• Absenteeism of teachers and pupils
• High school dropouts.
• Teenage pregnancy
• HIV/AIDS is still a challenge to teachers and children.
• Mushrooming ECD and Private schools.
• Inadequate transport for the Inspectorate section
• Many teachers have bank l
• oans and these have forced them to spend less time on task
• Education Officer Special Needs has no means of transport to carry out his duties.